Operation Outpour

Operation Outpour-Serve Orphanages

Operation: Outpour was started in 2010 when one stay-at-home mom decided to step outside her comfort zone, follow God’s lead, and be his witness in the world by demonstrating acts of love to those in need. With the support and advice of trusted friends, Operation: Outpour was born. They started out small: selling baskets at craft fairs, pastries to friends and families. The first project they paid for? When one of their fellow church members came home from vacation to a flooded house, they sent a $350 Wal-Mart gift card.

Today, they continue to support individuals in need in the Kenosha and Racine areas, but have branched out internationally to serve orphanages in Haiti and Guatemala.

Operation: Outpour is currently supported by three churches in the Southeast Wisconsin area: Kenosha Christian Reformed Church, Gospel Lighthouse, and Soul’s Harbor.

Check out the new Operation Outpour Website! http://operationoutpour.org/